A world without botters
Players: 6 / 0
Ip Address:
Port: 7171
Country: Poland Poland
Monsters: 72796
Peak Record: 23
Server: Tibia 1.0 (V12) - Brzks Store
Owner: Svira
Last Update: June 21, 2021 - 20:55:21
Added: May 31, 2021 - 07:02:20

Welcome to the classic version of the Tibia 12+ open-server
You will find here an Event system that makes the game fun, new systems stimulate the imagination and the desire to be the best!
Download our client is necessary to play!

Ferumbras Quest Complete being necessary to do all missions.

It comes with the main Released quests.

Nova Store (The one with image and DropDowns.)

Bestiary is working perfectly.

Prey system 3 Slot releasing only for those who buy in the store.

Reward Daily System 100%.

Bosses Deeplings 100%.

Heart of Destruction Quest

Grimvale Full Bosses working 100%.

Spells Revised and modified.

Carnivors rock was also added, I changed the loot a bit because it was high. (Random spawn system on each floor like cip.)

PZ / Treiner stamina filling system.

Exercise System (Inside houses or purchased from the store, they gain 20% more training and speed.)

Quick Looting 100%

Almost all of the achivements are added.

New Asuras

Warzone 4,5,6 100%

Raids 100%

Monsters 100%

Offline Trainer 100%

Online Trainer 100%

Tibia has a flat, boring, boring and not too fun item system. It’s time to change that. We enriched the server with many possibilities to make grinding more satisfying. No more useless items lying around and ignored by others, now any item can be powerful. By using special crystals, items can be upgraded with new stats and powerful attributes. A new property – Item Level – that determines how powerful the item is. Lots of crystals to upgrade items even more!

* Max HP
* Max MP
* Magic Level
* Melee Skills (all in one)
* Fist Fighting
* Sword Fighting
* Axe Fighting
* Club Fighting
* Distance Fighting
* Shielding
* Mana Shield
* Life Steal
* Experience
* Physical Damage
* Physical Protection
* Energy Damage
* Energy Protection
* Earth Damage
* Earth Protection
* Fire Damage
* Fire Protection
* Ice Damage
* Ice Protection
* Holy Damage
* Holy Protection
* Death Damage
* Death Protection
* Elemental Damage (every element in one except physical)
* Elemental Protection (every element in one except physical)
* Cast Flame Strike on Attack
* Cast Flame Strike on Hit
* Cast Ice Strike on Attack
* Cast Ice Strike on Hit
* Cast Terra Strike on Attack
* Cast Terra Strike on Hit
* Cast Death Strike on Attack
* Cast Death Strike on Hit
* Cast Energy Strike on Attack
* Cast Energy Strike on Hit
* Cast Divine Missile on Attack
* Cast Divine Missile on Hit
* Explosion on Kill
* Regenerate Health on Kill
* Regenerate Mana on Kill
* Mana Steal
* Chance to regenerate full HP on Kill
* Chance to regenerate full MP on Kill
* Chance to cast Mass Healing on Attack
* Increased healing from all sources
* Additional gold from monsters loot
* Chance to deal double damage
* Chance to be revived with 100% HP and MP upon death
* Chance to get Bonus Damage buff on Kill
* Chance to get Bonus Max HP buff on Kill
* Chance to get Bonus Max MP buff on Kill

Item Level (iLvl) is set for every wearable item when dropped by a monster.
Default iLvl is calculated using special algorithm that determines monster level/power based on its Max HP and Experience.
Then additional iLvl value is given based on base item stats (Atk, Def, Armor, Hit Chance). After all of that, additional stats are calculated based on item iLvl.
Upgrading item level increases iLvl in addition to bonus stats and values for bonus attributes are based on iLvl of the item.
Given all of that I have made every item different. If you drop a Giant Sword from a Behemoth and a Giant Sword from a Ferumbras they will be different in stats.
You may ask “What if someone loots Sword from high level monster and a new player gets it? That’s unbalanced.” but don’t be afraid.
If player level is lower than iLvl of given items, they **can’t** equip them!

Items with predefined attributes that can’t be altered, only their values can be changed. Unidentified items can become Unique.