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Port: 7171
Country: United States United States
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Server: MasterCores
Last Update: October 25, 2021 - 12:05:09
Added: October 5, 2021 - 22:48:52

MasterCores is a game designed to mimic the best version of before they ruined the game with bot-similar features built into their client and a mini-transaction shop ingame there you don’t need to work for stuffs anymore as long you have a credit card.
MasterCores are simply trying to capture the old and true way of MMORPG gaming with no options to let your credit card decide how powerful you can be.

MasterCores is aiming to become bigger and bigger by every year, by first making sure there’s a world available close to everyone in the world.
We have worlds in Europe, North America and Central America at the moment.

The map contains all places of Tibia 7.70.
It also contains 100% spawns of Tibia 7.70.

MasterCores was built hand in hand with hacked Tibia files (7.70 version) and is very accurate to how Tibia was (with exception things that has been improved).
If you played Tibia back in 7.4-7.70 and join MasterCores, you will yourself notice how scary accurate every single spawn is.

Fishing works very similar as well, you can only catch 1 fish per square for a period of time.
Digging Scarab Coins also works exactly like in Tibia 7.40, meaning you need to dig near tombs and the chance is higher finding a scarab than a coin.

Spells has 100% accurate damages as Tibia 7.4.
Spell prices are also accurate and all spell NPCs works perfectly, with one improvement that you can buy all spells in Edron like any other “premium city”.
Unlike before you could only buy premium flagged spells there.

Quests works 100% like on Tibia 7.4-7.70 version, with exception a very few quests which have been slightly modified.
On your account panel or character profile you find links to your quest log, in there you can view quest information, and unless a quest has a comment, it’s 100% same.

Raid system is also something that MasterCores was able to 100% copy from Tibia, something other OT’s cannot due to code limitations.
In MasterCores, raids are random, and the number of monsters in a raid is also random, just like in Tibia.
And additional to that, in MasterCores some creatures in some raids offers special items that can only be looted from a raid!

Games Features
* Custom client filled with antibot-measurements
* Bot/Macro/Tasker/Cheater detections to keep the game clean and fair
* Ability to play for free
* Automatic Experience Share in Party with vocation bonus
* Tasks shareable without Party
* No level restrictions on items nor spells
* No protection zone on boats/carpets
* Manual aiming
* Great and improved monster systems
* Monsters can be lured anywhere
* Loot Message that’s fully configurable by player
* Task Message that’s fully configurable by player
* No stairjump exhaust
* Possibility to make UH traps
* Bank system, deposit/withdraw/transfer
* Many and random raids with possibility to loot raid-rare items