RL 13 Custom Free TC
Ip Address:
Port: 7171
Country: Brazil Brazil
Monsters: 85262
Peak Record: 26
Server: OTServBR - Global
Owner: Liombera
Last Update: April 23, 2021 - 01:15:27
Added: February 17, 2021 - 06:17:43

Welcome to Liombera
Official Start 15-02 at 09:00.
Liombera 12.60 is a server based on real map.
We will be updating the server once a week, introducing new hunts, islands, towns and more.
The majority of the monsters give’s tibia coin, the loot rate has been adjusted in each monster, even bosses.

New Isles ( Custom + Town Custom )

Server Contains:
Secret Library
Mota Extension
New Asuras
Falcon Bastion
Warzones 4, 5, 6
Cults of Tibia
First Dragon
Darashia Elite Dungeon
New Asuras
Cursed Spreads (Full Grimvale)
New Deathlings
Autoloot system
Instand Daily Reward
Prey System
Boss rewards System
Training Zone & Trade Island
All quests
All raids
XP Stages
Free Quests Unlocked
Scheduled Museum
Falcon Bastion
New Items
New Monsters
And More!